Parental Opinion

icon_signThirteen out of a possible twenty questionnaires were returned, each depicting a high level of parental satisfaction with Kilmood Playgroup. All areas of provision were marked as “excellent” or “good”.

Additional comments were made as follows:

…The attention and care the staff have showen has just been brilliant!

An excellent playgroup, well managed and organised. Staff are brilliant with children.

Excellent all round.

…very good at parent meetings…would like daily feedback…even if it’s only they’ve been fine today or maybe quiet etc. Apart from this I think that the Playgroup staff are brilliant, they run everything great and have plenty of time for both parents and the children in a care and understanding way.

My son is very happy at the group as his daily accounts are proof of this. The four leaders are very friendly, helpful and well organised. The group offers monthly accounts of the activities that are due to be undertaken by the children which is great for parents…

Kilmood Playgroup provides a wonderful environment for children to learn, play and develop as individuals. The playgroup leaders possess wonderful skills and are in a league of their own when it comes to pre-school education.

Excellent playgroup. My child also attended Kilmood Playgroup last year… always very keen to attend… I think this speaks volumes