Parents in Playgroup

Every effort is made to ensure parents feel welcome, that their contribution to their children’s education is recognised and valued and that they feel sufficiently confident to approach and trust the staff and that they in turn respect the position and role of each staff member.

icon_familyChanges in family circumstances or domestic routine can make children feel insecure, thus affecting their behaviour or general personality. If parents wish they should inform staff of such changes, so that they may help the child and parent cope with any difficulties. All such information will be treated confidentially.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in Playgroup activities. You could help in any of the following ways:

  • The ‘Mother Helper’ Rota
  • Joining the committee (having a say in the running of the Playgroup
  • Helping with outings and parties
  • Fundraising
  • Attending relevant meetings and responding to circulars
  • Spending time with the children discussing or demonstrating some aspect of your talent or profession e.g baking, craft, fireman, farmer etc.