About Us

Dear Parents we would like to welcome your children to our playgroup at the Church Hall in the enchanting rural setting of Kilmood.

We see playgroup as an extension of your children’s home. Our aim is to provide a caring and simulating environment where all children will have an opportunity to develop fully and where you children can make new friends and in an enjoyable way, develop confidently to take the next step in their education.

Our playgroup is managed by a voluntary committee and operates in a small community. The playgroup’s trained and dedicated staff offer excellent facilities for pre-school children.


On the 12th June 2019 the Playgroup passed their Inspection from the South Eastern Education and Social Services Trust.

The Inspector found that each child was happy in their play choices and that staff provided a secure and stimulating environment.

The Playgroup reached all the standards and no issues were to be taken forward.

The last Department of Education inpsection took place in May 2016, available on the Education and Training Inspectorate website.