General information

Playgroup Committee

The Playgroup Committee is responsible for the finances, fundraising and employment of staff. Meetings of the Committee are held on a regular basis. This committee is made up of parents and all parents are encouraged to support various activities throughout the year.

Registration & Insurance

The Group is registered and insured with NIPPA, – The Early Years Organisation which provides advice, training and support at any time if required. We are also registered with the local Health and Social Services Board. In addition to an Annual Inspection, a representative of the Board visits the Group on a regular basis.

Hours of Opening

The Group is open five mornings a week from 9.15am to 12.00pm, Monday to Friday. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. The Group has places for 26 pre-school children in the morning and 24 for younger children in the afternoon.


Parents are asked to provide fruit each Monday morning to support staff in promoting healthy eating. Milk and water are provided to drink. Party food and cakes/buns are acceptable on special occasions.


Children are discouraged from bringing toys and the playgroup will not be held responsible for anything lost or damaged. (However, a comforter or special toy will be accepted if required by the child).


Children’s clothing needs to be named. Your child will be working with sand, water, paint, glue etc. Aprons are provided and sensible clothes should be worn. For safety reasons party shoes/flip flops should not be worn are children are engaging in physical play throughout the morning.


Circulars are given to parents during the year to keep them informed of general information and holidays. Curriculum plans are displayed in the Group and a parents letter is distributed each month to children in their final pre-school year.


Sweatshirts and polo shirts with the Playgroup logo can currently be ordered through the Group.


  1. Parents are asked not to bring into the playgroup any child who has been vomiting or had diarrhoea until at least 24 hours has elapsed since the last attack.
  2. Please keep your child at home if they have any infectious illness.
  3. In the event of a child becoming ill or injured, every attempt is made to contact a parent or substitute carer. Should the child’s carer be unavailable, the Playgroup Leader will decide on the best course of action.

Collecting Children

Playgroup Staff must be informed of who will normally be collecting children and of any changes from routine. Please use extensive car parking facilities at the rear of the building. For safety reasons do not park close to the door as people are entering and leaving the building. Please supervise your children, do not allow them to run around the car park or swing on the railings.


Outings are througout the year. Parents will be asked to sign a consent form. Parental support may be required on these outings.


Examples of visitors such as Dentist, Hygiensts, Community Police, French teacher, Photographer, Signing to music teacher, Artist etc are invited to the Playgroup throughout the year. Our Early Years Specialist, Janice Mawhinney, Health Visitor and Social Worker also call into the Playgroup.


ROSPA is the Department of Environment for Northern Ireland Road Safety Education Officer Service. The Playgroup receives an allowance each year from the above to spend in the ROSPA catalogue containing safety teaching aids. ROSPA believes it is vital that all children are made aware, at the earliest age, of the importance of safety issues. Children gain important knowledge in a simple, fun way.